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Have you always struggled to grow your hair or grow your edges and you never really got any noticeable growth or real results? Well, I've been there myself and I Understand Your Pain...
Glammed Naturally Oil Gives You All The Healthy Superfoods Your Hair Needs To Grow Longer, Thicker & Healthier In One Bottle…
My Name Is Jummie, I'm A Mom Who Suffered From Postpartum Hair Loss & Just 2 Years Ago I Discovered A 100% Natural Organic Oil Treatment That Has Helped Me Along With Thousands Of Men & Women Get Rid Of Their Hair Loss, Hair Breakage, Bold Spots, Shedding & More...
Watch the video below to find out more....
Hair Loss, Thin Hair, Dry Hair, Shedding, Bald Spots, Hair Breakage & more...
Are you currently struggling to get rid of any one of these problems right now??
If So, Then Read The Letter below...
My Name Is Jummie Ogunyemi
 I was left with no other choice but to finally do a BIG CHOP😱 

You're probably wondering, who's that woman and where did her edges go?

Hi, my name is Jummie Ogunyemi, the Creator Of Glammed Naturally Oil and just 2 years ago, I gave birth to the most beautiful princess in the world. Having to Give Birth to my 2 year old daughter was definitely one of the best feeling I have felt in my entire life, I remember when the doctor put her in my arms, all wrapped around in her little blanket, I remember having this huge smile on my face, crying tears of joy, thinking to myself, "you're the most beautiful little princess in the world." 

But what happened next put me in an identity crisis….

Today I’m sharing with you my postpartum hair loss story.

Let me tell you about the time I realized that literally ALL my edges, the back of my hair, the side & the front, everything was all GONE... The first thing I could remember was that I cried, it was very emotional for me because as women our confidence comes with our Hair, our Beauty, the way we carry ourselves, It all starts from the crown and once that is messed up, it can really take away your confidence which was a hard challenge for me.

The postpartum hair loss took my edges away from me The world around me was crumbling.

- Dry and itchy scalp

- Flaky hair

- Weak roots

- Edges are all gone, and by that, I mean straight Bald.

- Loss of my confidence due to the hair loss because in my head, I'm thinking I'm not beautiful anymore

- Depression starting to settle in...

I was at a really, really rough period in my life.

As black women, our hair means the world to us, so after this happened to me, I felt as if my confidence was being ripped out of my soul and that's something I wouldn't even wish upon my worst Enemies.

I remember at the time, I had tried everything you can possibly think off,

❌Vitamin pills didn't work

❌Hair growth oils didn't work

❌Doctor prescription didn't work

❌High-end expensive solutions recommended by "EXPERTS"...

The same thing, NOTHING WORKED. I was so frustrated at the time because they all ended up at the same dead-end. It was at this moment, I realize that I had to change my habits and put my focus on what actually matters most.

Instead on wasting my time and money on expensive products, I decided to spend it on nourishing and mixing different oils to try to find a new solution to rejuvenate my scalp. This was the #1 biggest shift for me! That for the first time in what felt like forever, the method I was using actually started producing real results  for me!

For the first time in the endless amount of failures that I had while going through my postpartum hair loss, I discovered that nourishing my scalp with a combination of 100% natural organic oils such as Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Vitamins E & B and more, helped me rejuvenate my scalp, helped me grow my edges again and grow my hair even longer & healthier then  it ever has before!
 I Am The Result Of My Own Product & If It Worked For Me Then It Can Work For You Too...
Like I mentioned earlier, as black women, our hair means the world to us, it represents our crown, and if  you happen to think you lost your crown, let me reassure you sis, your crown is still there no matter what you think. 

I want you to know that I'm on a mission to help other women who are currently going through what I went through, put back their crown where it belongs and I'll help you do just that, by providing you with 100% natural organic solutions that will rejuvenate your scalp in no time which will allow you to grow a healthy crown again! I'm going to help you grow your hair just like I have helped Andrea here grow hers. 

Press play to hear her testimonial...
"I Almost Gave Up" 
- Andrea.H
"I almost gave up❗️Galatians 6:9.......Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

The hair loss I experienced around my temple had me all the way in my feelings. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Can anyone relate? This had been a year and a half long challenge. I tried a couple of products but saw no real results so I just stopped all together. Life can be that way sometimes! Be it a career, a business , or even a relationship. The race isn’t given to the strong, but the one who endures. 

Don’t lose hope. Some things and situations require a longer investment of your time in order for you to see the changes you’re expecting. Well, I didn’t give up!!! I kept researching and I found an ahh-mazing product! @glammednaturallyoil has given me hope. I’ve only used the product for 4 weeks! " - Andrea.H
Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Too Could Get The Growth Andrea and I Have Been Able To Achieve ? 
Here Is Andrea's Hair Before  She Used Glammed Naturally Hair Oil 
Here Is Andrea's Hair After She Used Glammed Naturally Hair Oil 
It's Not Magic Yall, Andrea listened to what we told her. She nourished her scalp with the proper nutrients, kept Being consistent & Got Results... 
With Just A Snap Of A Finger Andrea Was Able To:
  • Regain a healthy hair growth
  • Grow her hair thicker and fuller 
  • Put a huge smile her face 😍😍
  •  Regain longer and healthier Natural hair
  •  Instantly revitalize her damaged scalp
  •  Rejuvenate Her Edges & Her Curls, JUST LOOK AT HER RESULTS!😲
Imagine How You Would Feel Right Now If You Gained This Much Healthy Hair Growth ?
Well You Don't Have To Imagine anymore Because Glammed Naturally Hair Oil Will Help You Get This Type Of Results & you have the Chance the get it Today! While It's Still In Stock
Our Best Seller Glammed Naturaly Hair Oil, A Hyper-Nutritional Combination Of 100% Natural Organic Oils Will Grow Your Hair Longer & Faster In A Way You've Never Experienced Before, As You've Seen In The Testimonials Today!
Do you really want to know how efficient these 100% natural organic products actually are? Listen to another one of our recent members tell you about the results she got using our Glammed Naturally Hair Oil... #PressPlay
What do you have to Gain from this?  Why do you need these Natural Organic Oils? Are they even that good? Will They work for someone with my hair type? Here is Lena Bee, one of our members answering your questions... #PressPlay
Is there any other proof do you even need to see after all of the testimonials you've heard so far, that 100% natural organic oils will actually help you get a healthy scalp as well as give your hair it's life again???
Maybe you still want to learn more, well, let me put this case to rest once and for all, that real 100% Natural Organic Oils will help you Rejuvenate your scalp and grow your hair longer and faster then you've ever experienced before, I'm not even going to try to convince you for you to believe it, I'll just show you. Here is Bianca, she has been going through postpartum hair loss and failed multiple times to find a product that would actually help her grow her edges again, here are the results she got simply by applying our 100% natural organic formula to her edges for about 1 month.  
Let me put any other shred of doubt you may have about the fact that natural organic oils will help you Rejuvenate your scalp and help you grow your hair to be longer, your edges to be thicker and your hair to be looking healthier than it ever has before, by simply showing you her testimonial... #PressPlay
Are the current hair products you're using at the moment helping you  get a healthy scalp & re-grow your hair? If You answered "NO" to that question then maybe you need a little help to do just that, we specifically created this formula with you in mind with you in mind, if you're reading this right now thinking to yourself that there's no hope for your hair, I want to tell you  this is a false belief that I promised to all of these women you're reading about on this page that they will get over. There is hope for your hair and through my story as well as the stories of the thousands of women whose lives have change for following these simple steps I tell you about, I've demonstrate again and again, that using pure 100% natural organic oils will help you rejuvenate your scalp and help you regrow your hair longer & faster then you've never experienced before.
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